J & J Farms Fresh Local Produce Family Owned since 1983


We accept EBT now! Β  Β  Β (9am til 6pm Mon-Sat. Sun 10-5pm)

Thank you for shopping with us! Β 2018, our 35th season! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒ»πŸ

Even rain in Deerfield Beach, Florida makes a beautiful day!

Be patient, Be kind & Be safe!, Be Thankful!

BIG THANKS to our local and new customers, we appreciate your business! πŸ™‚


PaprikaΒ is thankful forΒ J & JΒ owner, Jon DiLapo. HeΒ works hard all season to find good produce, at great, low prices for his customers.

J & J Farms has served South Florida with fresh, locally grown, fruits and vegetables in the area since 1983.Β Β Β  WOW, SAME OWNER for over 35 years!


2777 W. Hillsboro Blvd. Deerfield Beach, FL 33442 Β  Β  Β (954) 421-8650

HOURS: MON-SAT 9-6pm Β SUN 10-5pm

We sale herb/vegetable plants and hanging flowers


Cooler inside for Produce and You!

Our yummy citrus, jams, salsas, salad dressings!

Plenty of parking!







If you see carts outside, we’re open.

Listen and dance to music while you enjoy your shopping experience! Β  Β  Β  Β At J & J Farms you’ll find quality, local fresh produce, at incredibly low prices!




44 thoughts on “J & J Farms Fresh Local Produce Family Owned since 1983

  1. this store is awesome. got strawberry $1.50/pint when Publix sells for $2.50/pint! got 3 avocados for $2 when Publix sells 2/$3! i will make this my permanent produce store! I’m just wondering – are your produce considered organic or at least pesticide-free?

        • Sharon,
          Yes we do sell some organic produce occasionally. We have Organic yellow squash, organic eggplant, organic cherry and grape tomatoes right now. We get organic whenever we can pass on the quality and cost to our customers. We always are thinking of you. We have little to no control over the chemicals that the farmers may be required to use at this time. Yes, we could decide not to buy from them but then we’d be out of business. It would be more helpful if everyone contacted big corporations like Publix, Walmart, etc.
          Thank you for your patronage,

    • Every few days we try and find herbs and plants. As the season shifts we don’t know what plants and herbs we will be able to buy. Hopefully you will find something that fits your needs.
      Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Don’t forget the fresh Pepperidge Farm Breads for only $1.50 …all the varieties I love! Hmmm. Fresh seeded rye or seven-grain, etc., Etc., ETC! HUGE selection. Oh… and also the homemade-quality specialty breads you sell… and the freshest, largest, most fragrant CILANTRO available in our area.

    I’m a long-time patron of J&J, going back to the early days of your business, East of Lyons on Hillsboro when you were truly an open-air produce stand (see “How it all Began” tab). I regularly drove there for fresh produce. All these years we’ve enjoyed a friendship too. Thanks for your business in Deerfield Beach and building such a lovely structure. J&J Farms is truly what community represents: trust and friendship. Perhaps we customers could look up more often and greet each other with a smile and hello, get to know our neighbors, and express appreciation to the owners for bringing us all together! Thank you Jane and Jonathan DiLapo Family. Say “Hi” to Jane and tell her how much you appreciate her the next time you’re there (she’s usually cashiering).

    • Linda,
      I couldn’t agree with you more about introductions with your neighbors. Thank you for a wonderful comment and excitement about J & J Farms, we try very hard to improve and continue to serve our customers with the best we can offer. A side note: Jonathan and Jane have been divorced since 2005. The woman on the cashier is Tracy.
      UPDATE 2014: Sadly his ex, Jane, passed from colon cancer in January 2014.
      Thank you,

  3. I drove by to get some of your delicious nut raisin bread, and I was disappointed to see that you are closed. It said CLOSED without “see you in October”. I can’t wait for you to re-open πŸ™‚

  4. I love this store, the produce is beautiful and delicious and the prices are great, I know other people have said it but it is so true…real talk

  5. Hi! I am excited to be moving into the neighborhood this summer. I’ve driven by your market as I’ve been house hunting and I’m so excited to shop for my produce at a family owned business that cares. Unfortunately by the time we move you will apparently be closed for ‘the season’. I was disappointed as summer is my favorite time for it’s bounty of fruit and vegetables. When do you reopen? Can’t wait!!
    XO AMC (future customer!)

    • Please check our website and the outside store for re-opening sign. Most likely the 26th of October or 1st of November. Look forward to seeing you then. Don’t forget to bring your own bag and say hi! πŸ™‚ Have a great summer.

    • Please check back with us after October 15th. We usually post on the sign out front if we are hiring. We most often look for cashiers with experience. At this time we don’t need anyone however, you may send me your resume in the contact us section on our website and I will review it and let you know if and when we are hiring. Don’t forget to include your phone number. Thank you for your interest. Mgt.

  6. It seems like you’ve been closed a VERY long time this year. I love that you actually close for 2 months during the summer, but this year it seems more like four months — July/Aug/Sept/Oct — please considering moving up your opening date, I’m starving for some REAL food!

  7. Ecstatic to have discovered this little market… I got a juicer for Christmas and quickly realized how expensive buying tons of produce gets at Publix….I am here almost every week, stocking up on almost everything offered, at such unbelievable prices!!!! Thank you for making it possible for me to practice a healthy vegetable and fruit filled lifestyle without breaking (my mid20’s) bank!!!

  8. Just went shopping there for my first time. Love it! Produce is very fresh. prices, very inexpensive.:) it’s very clean and organized.. sad that it’s going to be closing the end of the month for the summer.:(
    I’ll be a return shopper in October.:)

  9. I used to live in Boca and shop at your store religiously every Saturday! I have since relocated to Plantation 4 years ago and have only been able to make it back your way a handful of times.

    Please open another location near me! πŸ™‚

  10. Dear J & J-
    How does one apply for employment at your establishment? I am a year round resident of Deerfield with extensive retail & customer service skills. I am used to working in a fast paced environment. I can provide a resume and references. Looking forward to opening day!
    Best Regards-
    Mitzi Silverman

  11. No Amex or bet, the rest most likely will work. If you come with a twenty you could buy most everything you’d want in produce. Honey, fresh bread, plants, jams etc. might put you past twenty and up toward thirty depending on what you purchase. You will get a lot for your money here. 😎

  12. Not confirmed as of yet, but late June we’ll be ending the 33rd season. We will put discount signs up right before we close. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€—πŸŒ»

  13. I just live walking distance to your business ,basically across the street at the Century Village East condos. Ive only been to J&J Farms only once, 3yrs. ago and loved it. I am def. looking forward to coming back when u re open in wks to come !!!

  14. To whom it may concern
    I am extremely interested in organic farming and the like and would love to work/volunteer at one of your farms or affiliate farms.
    Thank you very much in advance!
    -Matt Friend

    • Matt, We are a produce market that utilizes the local farmers. You might want to check the internet for local organic farmers and go from there. Sorry I’m not much help on that one.

  15. We DO carry McCoy’s LOCAL, RAW honey. We close Tuesday, 20th of June for the season and will re-open on October 28th with a full stock! See you then. πŸ™‚

    • we always carry organic granola, dried figs/dried apricots;otherwise, the produce changes daily. Right now as of january 11th we have asparagus that’s organic but it goes fast. We’ve carried organic cauliflower, grapes, blueberries etc.;however, it comes in and leaves very quickly. We always try and stay local whenever possible and bring in organic when we can. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

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