Brenda Dachner 08/13/2017 “We love the idea that so much or your produce is from local farmers. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to look us up in Roatan and to to our website:

Anne Russell 06/16/2012 I love J & J Farms!!! Best produce at such a wonderful price.

June P. Offerle Submitted on 2012/06/26 at 7:32 pm I like the fact that you are adding more items, and that the produce is fresh. I shop at J & J often.

  • Russell C. 2/5/2012
    Awesome place.  Quality produce, unbeatable prices (they crush publix prices), friendly staff and local ownership.   Do yourself a favor and check it out.  Only drawback is they close for a few months forcing locals to go through withdrawal.
    • Carolyn l.  2/10/2011
      Great prices, great fruit & veggies, great customer service.  Some of their items are local, I like the idea of supporting local farmers.  $1.99/pd for delicious cherries!  So good!
      • Trish W.
        If your wallet takes a hit every time you visit Publix, I whole-heartedly suggest adding J & J Farms to your weekly/daily grocery runs. This independently owned and operated farm stand/store is refreshingly wholesome and no-nonsense, with bins of fresh produce at exceptional prices.
        Examples; this week I purchased Haas avocados for $.79/each ($2/each at Publix), red bell peppers for $.99/Lb. ($3.99/Lb. at Publix) and locally grown grape tomatoes for $1.99 a pint.
        There’s a nice variety, with read more »
        • Nastassia D.
          This is a great place to go for fresh fruits and veggies at a GREAT price. Their employees make you feel welcome and are always willing to help. They also have herbs cheap as well, I have gotten a good handful of mint for less than a dollar.  The ginger is great too!

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  1. Love to get all our fresh veggies at your store & wish you were open all year. Between the best prices anywhere, the freshest fruit and veggies and the nicest people, J & J’s is the best place to shop!! Hurray for next Saturday – opening day, we’ll see you then!!

  2. This is the best place to find very nice produce at great prices. Wonderful breads, and a great variety of fruits and vegetables. Great work , well done. We love shopping here.

  3. Today was the first time I tried J & J. I would never go back again. When I got home I couldn’t wait to try it. The plums were rotten. The watermelon to many seeds and it was not sweet at all. The sugar free chocolate fudge chip Biscotti are gross. They are suppose to be hard they are so soft. I’m afraid to eat the tomatoes and strawberries due to what I eat so far. Don’t waste your money or time. I never go through the trouble to write a reply but on this place I felt it was my duty to let the public know the truth. Personally I think they have friends who write the good reviews.

    • We are sorry your experience wasn’t what you had hoped for with your produce. Just a little information on the farming side of things: this has been the worst year for local produce in 18 years do to rainy and no cold snaps with the weather. However; the tomatoes are Florida grown and they continue to be known as he best around since the weather has dried up. The strawberries are also from Florida and seem to be fine as well. The same owner has been in business for 33 years and always tries his best to get the best produce for his customers at the best price possible. It is unfortunate that a lot of produce nowadays since Monsanto’s involvement has made anything he has touched not as “tasteful” as it used to be. We try to obtain local and organic as much as possible. We checked the plums, 3 randomly and were quite good and shared them with customers. The watermelon is seedless and only nature determines how many seeds will be there and the taste, we have no control. The biscotti: I assure you that if you are unhappy bring them back in and we will credit you. In fact, anytime you have an issue please call and give us the opportunity to improve your experience. Obviously with 33 years of customers he must be doing something right. We hope you give us another shopping chance and you’ll become a loyal customer as many have been over the years. Thanks for your heartfelt concerns and hope to see you back. Thank you.

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